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Wireless Technology Systems Vendor Shenzhen Feasycom Tech

Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co.,LTD is a competent and repeatedly innovative high-tech company, we have skilled & impressive R&D Group, predominantly give full attention to the design, research and making of short distance communication’s solution. Being in this industry for above A decade, we’ve got ample experiences to present the unique tailor-made OEM /ODM Services(marketing beacon making) to the clientele all over the world.

Our Bluetooth Products’ Application Areas comprise of Internet of Things(IoT) , Mobile Internet, Vehicle Electronics , Medical-related, Smart Home, and so forth. Our Wireless Bluetooth modules basically include the Bluetooth 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 versions. So as to do business with very different clients from the globe, and work on a wide range of application conditions, we have already brought out the 4.0 BLE,4.0 Dual Mode, Class 2.1 Series Modules, nearly all of them are applied to Bluetooth Data Transmission, Bluetooth Networking, Bluetooth Data +Audio Transmission.

What’s More, Our enterprise had rolled out the full wireless bluetooth solution for Bluetooth Barcode Scanning device, Bluetooth Wireless router, TWS Speaker ,Smart Toy, et cetera. At this point a lot of them are typically made use of among many internal and overseas corporations.

Consistently give full attention to providing the highest quality products and services, is the key point for us being innovator in wireless Bluetooth module industry all the time. Go on improving upon our innovation capability always be probably the most important things of our company. In the near future, we will make full use of our innovative & developed bluetooth module experience to launch quite a few completely new Bluetooth Electronic Products to meet our clients’ requirements.

Our View:

Make Communication Quick
Our people are multi-disciplined, inspiring, talented, zealous and like to push the boundaries, always ready to offer the most perfect services and products to the clients at home and overseas.

Our Spirit:

Exquisite Frontier Innovation Precise Practicality
Welcome each of the partners all over the world, then contact for creating a great co-operation relationship with us, your satisfaction will be our final mission!
Dealing With Feasycom, Make Your Wireless Communication Hassle-free And Freely!

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Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co.,Limited
Email: rimly.rong@feasycom.com
Address: Room 2004, 20th Floor, Huichao Technology Building, Jinhai Road,Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen, 518100, China.
Contact Tel: +86-755-2792-4639

Take a look at our product lines: bluetooth modules, oem smart beacon manufacturer, Lora modules, wifi modules, bluetooth development boards, etc.
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