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How To Make PCB using Toner Transfer method in 7 simple steps

Easily make a PCB using Toner Transfer method with laser printer, glossy paper and ferric chloride. Printed Circuit Boards is extremely easy to make. Just try it! More information on this video: http://jumperone.com/2011/06/how-to-make-pcb-using-toner-transfer-method/ And you can find more cool stuff on http://jumperone.com/ Keywords: PCB, toner transfer, laser printer, DIY, make, paper, photo paper, laser, electronic, […]

PCB making at home (thermotransfer method)

Quick guide how to make PCB @ home using thermotransfer method. Music: YERZMYEY – Ballad Source Safety Measures In case you’re using the acid etching solution, you must consider the following safety measures: Always place your acid in a risk-free cold place. Go with glass containers. Tagging your acid and place it in a place […]

PCB Making-Part 1-Photo Resist Method of Etching a Printed Circuit Board

Part 1 in a series of informative how-to videos of my personal experiences with photo resist etching method of making precision printed circuit boards at home While designing and building my first prototype of a BLDC Hub Motor Controller board for my e-bike, I documented the whole process on video from start to finish which […]

DIY Printed circuit board

My personal experience with heat toner transfer method of making PCB. It works ONLY with laser printer. Purpose of chemical tinning in last step is to protect copper against oxidation and provide good solderability.  Using Liquid tin is optional. Tinning can be done manually with regular solder, flux and iron. All chemicals used in […]