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How To Make PCB using Toner Transfer method in 7 simple steps

Easily make a PCB using Toner Transfer method with laser printer, glossy paper and ferric chloride. Printed Circuit Boards is extremely easy to make. Just try it! More information on this video: http://jumperone.com/2011/06/how-to-make-pcb-using-toner-transfer-method/ And you can find more cool stuff on http://jumperone.com/ Keywords: PCB, toner transfer, laser printer, DIY, make, paper, photo paper, laser, electronic, […]

PCB Making-Part 1-Photo Resist Method of Etching a Printed Circuit Board

Part 1 in a series of informative how-to videos of my personal experiences with photo resist etching method of making precision printed circuit boards at home While designing and building my first prototype of a BLDC Hub Motor Controller board for my e-bike, I documented the whole process on video from start to finish which […]

Circuit Skills: Circuit Board Etching

Making your own printed circuit board can be a truly satisfying process, tying together electronics and the handmade craft of etching. It’s the most accurate way to build a circuit short of sending away to a PCB manufacturer and it’s a lot more fun (+ cheaper too!). For a full list of materials used plus […]