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CAEN RFID embedded UHF RFID readers presentation

**** Disponibili i sottotitoli in Italiano **** Typical products that feature UHF RFID are Handheld and PDA devices, label printers and applicators, desktop readers, kiosks, industrial readers and smart shelves. Embedded RFID readers are the best choice for all companies wishing to integrate their existing or new products with RFID functionality. Our products differ for […]

EDS Capability

http://www.ElectronicDesignService.com 650-219-6467 Electronic Design Service specializes in designing Electronic circuits and printed circuit boards using the Parallax Propeller Processor, and Basic Stamp. We can design in weeks what would take months using other processors for PCB that require Embedded control Design, Electronics Control, Embedded Control. We provide Contract Control Design, contract Development, and contract Manufacturing. […]

PCB, prototyping and assembly services

We provide prototyping, PCB and schematic design services. From idea to final product… More information on www.threemode.com source 4 Key Benefits of Consignment PCB Assembly Services Presently, you can certainly come across PCB producers delivering contract, turnkey, and hybrid assembly services. In the turnkey process, the producer holds responsibility for the PCB manufacturing. Every thing […]

Atmel: What’s the Future of Automotive?

Cars are getting smarter, becoming more electrical and autonomous. Rob Valiton discusses the future of automotive and how Atmel’s solutions are helping power this market. In this video, Rob addresses the three key areas OEMs are seeking for tomorrow’s vehicles – fuel efficiency, user experience, security. Stay connected! Embedded Design Blog: http://www.atmelcorporation.wordpress.com Twitter: http://www.atmel.com/twitter Facebook: […]