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Services Design Tech-Wifi (SDTW) Inc

InfiniLab BB PCB Video New product for hobyists & electronics students. source 4 Critical Benefits Associated with Consignment Circuit Board Assembly Services At this moment, you can certainly uncover PCB makers supplying contract, turnkey, and hybrid assembly services. In the turnkey process, the maker holds responsibility for the PCB manufacturing. Everything right from material sourcing […]

DIY PCB photoresist UV LED exposure module

A homemade PCB UV LED exposure module. 100 UV 5mm LED with 20 BCR402R LED drivers. UV LED module soldering. Step one: how to solder a UV LED exposure module at PCB solderable breadboard. Source Alerts In case you’re using the acid etching approach, you really need to consider the subsequent safeguards: At all times […]

PCB making at home | How to make a single layer PCB (PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD) at home

This video will explain the step by step process of making a single layer PCB at home with the use of commonly available tools. . The credit for the background music “I dunno” in this video “How to make a PCB at home????” goes to artist ” grapes” http://ccmixter.org/files/grapes/16626 is licensed under a Creative Commons license:http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Source […]