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4 Significant Great Merits about Consignment Circuit Board Assembly Services

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In the present day, it is easy to find out PCB producers providing contract, turnkey, and hybrid assembly services. In the turnkey process, the manufacturer holds responsibility for the PCB manufacturing. Every thing right from part sourcing to assembly is accomplished by the fabricator. On the other hand, contract PCB assembly services require the client to supply the materials required to build a PCB.

The hybrid assembly entails buyers to supply selected materials, and components, whereas the fabricator procures the balance of material. Outlined in this article, we’ll focus on contract assembly services thoroughly.

4 Main Reasons Why Consignment PCB Assembly Services are widely used

Consignment assembly services provide quite a few benefits to purchasers. Underneath are the 4 ways they’re set to reap benefits:

Quality Control

As discussed earlier, in this kind of service, a client should acquire all the vital components for the assembly. This helps them exercise quality control, and stay assured that the PCB will gratify their conditions. Apart from this, a good number of producers provide the advantage of stocking consignments. This means that purchasers can purchase a item and stock it at producer’s factory. Equally, producers will send them prompt notifies concerning the stock status.

Quality Guarantee

Almost all producers that provide this service abide by a few quality measures, which allows clients to have high-quality goods. It is observed that this kind of producers use innovative testing techniques, including X-ray inspection, Hipot testing, in-circuit testing, automated testing equipment, etc. Such testing solutions help assure high quality goods.

Auto Assembly Helps Save on Lead Times

Manufacturers take advantage of automated assembly equipment, which allow people to benefit from decreased lead times. Equally, the automated assembly devices help reduce issues, greatly enhance exactness, and maintain consistency in part placement.

Helps Keep Manufacturing Costs Low

Consignment assembly services allow people to use outsourcing for their labor, and keep their fabrication costs low. Equally, these services relieve them of hassles necessary to manage their own facility. Quite a few solid producers like MOKO Tech provide various mounting solutions such as:

=>Surface Mounted Technology (SMT)
=>Plated Through Hole (PTH)
=>Through Hole Technology(THT)
=>Mixed Technology

In addition to that, purchasers can avail RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 compliant assemblies, leaded or lead-free assemblies, single or double-sided mixed technology assemblies, etc.

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Previously discussed pros show why contract services are wanted, and how they permit buyers to get superior PCBs quite simply. To realize more contract services provided by MOKO Tech, call us today .

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