PCB making at home | How to make a single layer PCB (PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD) at home

This video will explain the step by step process of making a single layer PCB at home with the use of commonly available tools.
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  • In the event you’re using the acid etching method, you should take the subsequent safeguards:
  • At all times keep your acid in a safe cool place. Utilize glass containers.
  • Label your acid and keep it in a place that’s out of the reach of babies.
  • Don’t eliminate your used acid in the home drainpipes. Preferably instead keep it and when you have some volume of used acid, take it to your recycling center/high risk waste disposal center.
  • Go with work gloves and air masks when addressing acid etchants.
  • Be very watchful when mixing and stirring the acid. Avoid using metallic stuff and do not ever put the container on the side of the desk.
  • When irradiating your PCB with Ultra-violet, take an utter care to not have a direct visual contact with the UV generating part of the insulator/chamber, or alternatively go with special anti-UV safeguard glasses. In the event you have got to look at the PCB in the process, better cease the machine just prior to open it.
  • Be certain to wear safety glasses when utilizing the etching method and never look directly above the container of the chemical.

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