Mouser brings SPICE simulator to MultiSIM Printed Circuit Board program

Mouser Brings SPICE Simulator to MultiSIM Printed Circuit Board Program

The most up-to-date MultiSIM BLUE version of the NI Multisim PC board design program which is offered by Mouser Electronics is the Advanced version boasts a Berkley SPICE simulation environment.

SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) is a general-purpose, free analogue electronic circuit emulator. It’s a program used in integrated circuit(IC) and board-level design to look into the integrity of PWB designs and also to predict circuit behavior.

This can be used to design and simulate circuits previous to laying them out in actual prototypes.
Also to facilitate organising schematics, hierarchica design capabilities are already incorporated so that engineers can certainly incorporate classification blocks in place of a circuit after which do it again in other sections of the design to conserve time period.

The new Premium version additionally features forward and backward annotation abilities, making it possible for engineers to move changes from a schematic to a electronic circuit board layout environment or from layout to schematic.

Mouser Electronics has been providing the MultiSIM BLUE cost-free PC board design software, made by National Instruments, for 2 years.

The NI MultiSim Component Evaluator by Mouser works by using the Berkeley SPICE simulation engine and incorporates a pre-installed component library out of your distributor’s linecard.
MultiSIM BLUE helps pre-layout design convergence analysis and mixed-signal simulation, and can certainly cope with components as sophisticated as BGAs with more than 1,000 pins on-pin-pitches as small as 0.8 mm.

The program also supplies a 3D visual images of the PCB board without any restrictions on the shape and size of the PCB. The PWB layout function enables as many as 64 layers, and is compatible with standard output file famats such as Gerber 274X and 274D, DXF, 3D DXF, 3D IGES and IPC-D-356A Netlist for convenient design output and verification.

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