Long Range NRF51822 Accelerometer Module with LIS3DH

Ibeacon Module
Model Number:
NRF51822; NRF51822 module
Brand Name:
Original Brand
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
CR2450 button battery
30~50 m
Wireless Control
Operating Temperature:
-20 -60
Dissipation Power:
+/-2.4G HZ
Packaging Details
ESD bag for nrf51822
Delivery Time
1-5days for nrf51822
Product Description

Long Range NRF51822 Accelerometer Module with LIS3DH

The main control chip is CC2541, lower power consumption, longer battery firing distance, longer service life, reduce your equipment maintenance time, TagBeacon comes standard with a CR2032 battery, The tiny body, can be placed in a limited place, two times the development of convenience.

1. Model: IBc41
2. Chip: TI CC2541 (BLE4.0)
3. Power: CR2450 button battery
4. Support low power, average power consumption 30uA (800ms broadcasting)
5. Battery life: about 1.5 years (Note: we highly recommended to use good famous brand button battery such as Toshiba)
6. Compatible with Apple, Estimote
7. Customizable UUID, Major,Minor
8. Customizable radio intervals, transmit power
9. Support ITU detection
10.Support OAD technology, wireless firmware update
11.Support repair password
12.Range: 30~50 m

Packaging & Shipping
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions 1.18 in x 1.18 in x 0.2 in (3 cm x 3 cm x 0.5 cm)
Weight 0.18 oz (5 g)
Packing List
1 x Module

Our Services

 Except provide difference Modules,  Eastwin Also have OEM PCB Assembly Service 

o PCB board file with parts list provided by customers
o PCB board made, circuit board parts purchased by us
o PCB board with parts assembled
o Electronic testing circuit board or PCBA
o Fast delivery, anti-static package
o RoHS Directive-compliant, lead-free
o One stop service for PCB design, PCB layout, PCB manufacture, components purchasing,

PCB assembly, test, packing and PCB delivery

Detailed Terms for Pcb Assembly

Technical requirement for pcb&pcb assembly:
—- Professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering Technology
—- Various sizes like 1206,0805,0603 components SMT technology
—-ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT(Functional Circuit Test) technology.
—-PCB Assembly With UL,CE,FCC,Rohs Approval
—-Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT.
—-High Standard SMT&Solder Assembly Line
—- High density interconnected board placement technology capacity.

Quote requirement for pcb&pcb assembly:
—-Gerber file and Bom list
—-Clear pics of pcba or pcba sample for us
—-Test method for PCBA


  1.What is iBeacon?
iBeacon is a protocol standardized by Apple and introduced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2013. Various vendors have since made iBeacon-compatible hardware transmitters – typically called beacons- a class of Bluetooth low energy devices that broadcast their identifier to nearby portable electronic devices. The technology enables smartphones, tablets and other devices to perform actions when in close proximity to an iBeacon.

2.What can I do with iBeacon?
One application is distributing messages at a specific Point of Interest, for example, a store, a bus stop, a room or a more specific location like a piece of furniture or a vending machine. This is similar to previously used geopush technology based on GPS, but with a much reduced impact on battery life and much extended precision (from a few meters down to a few centimeters).
Another application is an indoor positioning system, which helps smartphones determine their approximate location or context. With the help of an iBeacon, a smartphone’s software can approximately find its relative location to an iBeacon in a store. Brick and mortar retail stores use the beacons for mobile commerce, offering customers special deals though mobile marketing, and can enable mobile payments though point of sale systems.

3.How to push messages via iBeacon?
Despite the misunderstanding that push message is achieved via base station, iBeacon actually only provides location-based services. To push messages, users need to develop an APP, install it in phone, and run corresponding services in the background. For example, sales promotions are pushed into user’s devices when in store range, the message is fetched via the App, not via iBeacon. To be more specific, when the APP receives iBeacon location information, after calculating your current location in accordance with the specific conditions of the you set, the APP requests advertising data from the server and pushes corresponding data to your device, and that makes one complete iBeacon push message. That is to say, to achieve dynamic information push requires at least an APP and a data server.

This product comes with a dedicated iOS APP – LightBeacon, for configuring the individual module or by batch, and can detect iBeacons with Apple standards.


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