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4 Important Benefits Associated with Consignment Circuit Board Assembly Services

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At present, it is easy to get a hold of PCB manufacturers providing consignment, turnkey, and hybrid assembly services. In the turnkey process, the maker holds responsibility for the PCB manufacturing. Every thing right from part sourcing to assembly is conducted by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, consignment PCB assembly services require the client to present the materials needed to make a PCB.

The hybrid assembly requires consumers to present selected materials, and components, whereas the fabricator procures the balance of material. Here, we’re going to discuss consignment assembly services in more detail.

Four Reasons Why Consignment PCB Assembly Services are on the rise

Consignment assembly services present certain merits to customers. The following are the four ways they’re set to reap benefits:

QC(Quality Control)

As discussed before, in this type of service, a buyer is needed to purchase all the essential components for the assembly. This makes it possible for them to exercise quality control, and assure that the PCB will meet up with their requirements. Except for this, scores of manufacturers provide the benefit of stocking consignments. This indicates customers can order a item and store it at maker’s plant. Furthermore, manufacturers will send them well-timed informs about the inventory condition.

Quality Assurance

Almost all manufacturers who present this service adhere to a few quality strategies, making it possible for customers to get quality products. It is seen that this sort of manufacturers make use of state-of-the-art testing systems, similar to X-ray inspection, Hipot testing, in-circuit testing, automated testing equipment, and so forth. These testing solutions help make sure superior products.

Automated Assembly Can Save on Lead Times

Producers make use of automated assembly machines, which enable people to take advantage of lowered lead times. Furthermore, the automated assembly equipment help lessen errors, better accuracy and precision, and maintain consistency in part placement.

Helps Keep Manufacturing Charges Low

Consignment assembly services allow people to use outsourcing for their labor, and keep their fabrication costs reduced. Furthermore, these services relieve them of complications necessary to maintain their own factory. A variety of tried and tested manufacturers for instance, MOKO Tech present diverse mounting solutions e . g .:

=>Surface Mounted Technology (SMT)
=>Plated Through Hole (PTH)
=>Through Hole Technology(THT)
=>Mixed Technology

Additionally, customers can obtain RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 compliant assemblies, leaded or zero-lead assemblies, single or double-sided mixed technology assemblies, and so forth.

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Previously mentioned benefits imply the reasons why consignment services are required, and the way they enable buyers to get excellent PCBs very easily. To realize more consignment services which is available from MOKO Tech, write to us immediately .

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