DIY Printed Circuit Board PCB Making HHO PWM Part #2

PART #2: How to make your printed circuit boards yourself at home. This one 6″ x 6″ piece of copper clad circuit board material gets transformed into printed circuit boards. Used positive photosensitive pre-sensitized 1 ounce single-sided copper clad board. Source


  • In case you’re using the acid etching method, you have to do the following safeguards:
  • Always put your acid in a secure cold place. Utilize glass containers.
  • Tag your acid and put it in a place that’s out of the reach of kids.
  • Don’t throw away your used acid in your home pipes. As a substitute put it and once you’ve some amount of used acid, bring it to your recycling center/dangerous waste disposal facility.
  • Have safety gloves and air masks when working on acid etchants.
  • Be highly mindful when mixing and stirring the acid. Avoid the use of metal stuff and you should not put the container on the side of the desk.
  • While irradiating your PCB with Ultraviolet, take a complete care to not have a direct visual touching the UV generating part of the insulator/chamber, or maybe work with specific anti-UV protection glasses. In case you ought to examine your PCB along the way, better shut off the machine ahead of open it up.
  • You need to wear safety glasses when making use of etching method and you shouldn’t look directly above the container of the chemical.

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