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How To Make PCB using Toner Transfer method in 7 simple steps

Easily make a PCB using Toner Transfer method with laser printer, glossy paper and ferric chloride. Printed Circuit Boards is extremely easy to make. Just try it! More information on this video: And you can find more cool stuff on Keywords: PCB, toner transfer, laser printer, DIY, make, paper, photo paper, laser, electronic, […]

eagle tutorial:how to design a single layer PCB.

This tutorial about eagle cad. With describing the basic tools for the making single layer PCB at home by toner transfer method. FOR MORE:!projects/c1739 FOLLOW US ON: PLEASE like and support source

Mobile Phone Repairing Tools Mobile Phone Repairing Tools and Equipments – All about tools and equipment needed to repair mobile phone. Tools include soldering iron, soldering station, solder wire, solder paste, liquid flux, paste flux, jumper wire, tweezers, screwdriver, multimeter, dc power supply, ESD-Safe antistatic wrist strap, mat, apron, hand gloves, LCD tester, Battery tester, PCB holder, PCB […]

PlayStation 4 (PS4) HDMI Repair: A Tutorial on how to repair PCB damage and run link wires

This video demonstrates how you can repair PCB damage if you have lifted pads when replacing your PS4s HDMI Port. Here we remove the remnants of the old port, prepare the PCB for the new port, install the new port and then repair the PCB damage and run a link wire to rebuild the circuit […]

Jumper Wire Auto Insertion for PCB assembly

This is an auto insertion machine for PCB assembly from Southern Machinery in China, very efficient and reliable but low cost. please contact me at : or if you are interested. We design and manufacture SMT equipment in Shenzhen China; 1, LED SMT solutions : one full line (1.2m printer + 20k CPH […]

Como rotear uma PCB (Altium Designer & Proteus)

Neste video falarei de algumas dicas e truques de como fazer o layout de uma placa de cirquito impresso, abordando varios aspectos sobre posicionamento de componentes, capacitores by-pass, Trilhas e vida util do seu projeto. A placa roteada se trata de um amplificador de audio como TDA 2030. source

Tutorial 2 for Eagle: Printed Circuit Board Layout

In this second tutorial on CadSoft Eagle, I’ll show you how to turn your schematic into a board design that you can get manufactured! Specifically, I’ll cover part layout, automatic and manual routing, layer and grid controls, ULPs, ground pours, net classes, and much more! Watch the first episode if you haven’t already: Learn […]

Tracing & Testing of Mobile PCB (Hindi) (हिन्दी)

In this video you will learn how to trace and also test the PCB of a mobile phone. इस विडियो मे आप मोबाइल के पी.सी.बी. के जांच पर ताल करना सीखेंगे। source