30W Hand Crank Generator

Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Rated power:
Output Voltage:
Output current:
0 to 3A
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Standard exporting packing
Delivery Time
Shipped in 10 days after payment

1.Product overview

This hand crank generator is designed to perform as an emergency power supply. It has valuable applications in a variety of conditions, including fighting forest fires, earthquake devastation, survival conditions, emergency communication, long tern power disruption, outdoor activities, geological exploration and marine vessels, etc. In areas without electricity or fuel for electrical power generation, this generator can supply power to different electronic products. It is suitable for low-power radio, interphone, laptop, mobile phone, CD player, MP3-4 player, mobile TV, etc. It is also able to directly charge re-chargeable lithium, nickel-metal hydride and lead-acid batteries, etc.

2. Product features

The hand crank generator uses high-tech magnetic conversion technology and rare earth magnets to deliver high efficiency power supply. The outer case is made of high-strength, aluminum-alloy composite materials, imparting light-weight, portable carrying capacity. A wide range of output voltage from 0-28V, is available for charging various electronic products or batteries. It utilizes the pulse-charge method for efficient charging and activating of the battery, to extend battery life. This generator can directly charge electronic devices, re-charge batteries or connect with an DC-DC Converter for various output voltage requirements. In addition, it can also be matched with a Power Inverter to change DC to AC as 110V/220V.

3.The Product Structure

1.Hand Crank 2.Retractable Spear 3.Indicator Light 4.Buckle in the Shape 5.12 Aviation socket

4.Principle of Operation

1)Fix Hand Crank Generator

Hand method: Holding the generator firmly in one hand and adjust the bracket so as to tighten onto the fixture. See

Fixation method: Attaching the generator to stem, tree, etc. in the wild or chair legs inside the room, then adjust the bracket so as to tighten onto the fixture. See(Fig.2)

2)Charge up batteries

  1). Adjust hand bracket, to suit personal comfort. See(Fig.1 and Fig.2)

  2). Pulling out the hand crank of the generator.See(Fig.3 and Fig.4)

  3). Connect output cable of hand crank generator with rechargeable battery, so that the positive & negative poles are correctly connected. See(Fig.5)

 3) Match Inverter from DC-AC 110V/220V Output

   1). Connect battery with DC input Inverter. (Fig.10)

   2). Connect AC plug (110v/220v) of equipment

beingcharged with Inverter.

3). Pulling out the hand crank of the generator. See (Fig.3 and Fig.4)

4). Turn Inverter switch ON to work, and all your electronic products work the same as for home power supply. See (Fig.7)

5). When the battery runs out, the Inverter is off. Re-charge to continue.

  For all other types of batteries or electrical products, repeat the above steps.

5.Main Technical Performance







 Weight   Dimension


 30W 28VDC  0-3A   480g 106×64×39

Output voltage can be adjusted accordingly. The normal output we set is 12V,15.5V,20V,24V,28V,(±0.5V) etc.

One Hand Crank Generator, one  cable (one end: Aviation plug;

 another: Alligator clip, see Fig.8), an instruction booklet.


1). Before connecting the generator to your products, please read the instruction booklet carefully.

2). To prevent damage or accidents, please make sure the voltage of the equipment to be charged, matches the generator output.

3). Please make sure that the positive and negative terminals are connected correctly between the generator and the equipment being charged.

4) In order to prevent a short circuit in the generator and subsequent transistor damage, operate the crank speed in normal speed as 80-90RPM/min. and load within their supecified values,  can’t exceed speed 120RPM/min.

8. Guarantee

    This product is guaranteed for 12 months from the purchasing date when operated within the manufacturer’s specifications. The company will not honor the warranty if the damage is caused by incorrect usage.





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